• Top 10 teams with most sixes in ODI cricket
    Top 10 teams with most sixes in ODI cricket

    Cricket is always entertaining when the batsman goes for the big hits, which is why T20 Cricket has got so many fans around the world. It takes a lot of skill and power for a batsman to clear the rope. Not many can do it at will and here we look at 10 teams which have hit most sixes than everyone else in ODI history.

    10. Bangladesh – 586 Sixes

    One of the fastest growing Cricketing nations in the world, Bangladesh has scored a mere 586 sixes in the 312 ODI matches they playedso far. The future however looks bright for the nation as they are powered with some good hitters and could go past few teams over the next few years.

    9. Zimbabwe – 984 sixes

    The African nation has grown very fast and has seen its decline also very fast. They were a challenging side during the late 90s and early 00s but failed to build on their team as they now the minnows among all the test playing nations. They have scored 984 sixes in 472 matches they played in.

    8. England – 1315 sixes

    Quite a surprise, Isn’t it? The home of cricket, England who have been playing the game since it was born are our No.8. However, considering the fact that the nation plays less number of ODIs had definitely had its impact on their sixes count. A nation which takes pride from their success in longer format, England have hit 1315 sixes in 664 ODIs.

    7. Sri Lanka – 1366 sixes

    One of the great ODI teams in entire cricket history, Sri Lanka has started as minnows but has developed like any other team would have dreamt off. The  island nation has seen its rise over the course of two decades which has helped cricket see some of the very best players in ODI format. Sri Lanka have scored 1366 sixes in 765 ODIs.

    6. South Africa – 1479 sixes

    The last to start playing ODI cricket among all test playing nations, South Africa has always been a dangerous side since their debut in ODI format back in 1991. They are always the favorites for any tournament they participate in. The Proteas have managed to score 1479 sixes in just 555 ODIs so far.

    5. New Zealand – 1918 sixes

    One of the most attacking sides in cricket, New Zealand has always had the risk taking batsman and fine hitters over the years. With the advent of T20 cricket, the New Zealand batsman have been some of the very finest hitters among all the nations. The Kiwis managed to score 1918 sixes in just 703 matches.

    4. Australia – 1944 sixes

    Should be a surprise considering the dominance of Australia in both bowling and batting over the ODI format since its inception. The Aussies were always a side to fear as they have had some of the greatest ODI teams of all time. The mighty Australians have managed to score 1944 sixes in 873 matches so far.

    3. Pakistan – 2136 sixes

    One of the most destructive teams since last decade, Pakistan had arguably the best hitter in ODI format in the name of Shahid Afridi who also holds the record for most sixes in ODI cricket. The Pakistan team always had some of the finest batting legends over the years who have scored thousands of runs for them. They have scored a mammoth 2136 sixes in 857 ODIs so far.

    2. West Indies- 2160 sixes

    Surprise? May be not. Considering the amount of hard hitters the Caribbeans had over the years. From Sir Vivian Richards to Carlos Brathwaite, they always had those fine hitters who could trash any bowler any moment. The might West Indies managed an impressive 2160 sixes in just 736 matches so far.

    1. India – 2252 sixes

    Having had some of the very best ODI batsman the game has seen, India are undoubtedly the best ODI batting line up over the past two decades. The team’s reliance on the batting have not just added pressure but more responsibility for the batsmen over the years. India have managed an astounding 2252 sixes in the 897 ODIs they played.

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