• MS-Dhoni-Sreesanth (Photo Source: Twitter)

    MS Dhoni and his love for bikes has been a well-documented story. We all know how he mapped the streets of Ranchi with his mates ridding the classic Yamaha RD 350. Later on, he used his new found fame and riches to expand his bike collection and make most of the bikers envious.

    On most occasions, Dhoni would never let any opportunity to jump on the bike go waste. He would seize it. It was one such occasion few years back when the former Indian skipper went for a ride around the famous Mount Road area in Chennai. Fast bowler S. Sreesanth, who was one of his closest teammates then, accompanied him as the pillion rider.

    The outing perfect outing, however, soon was interrupted when other bikers began to recognise the Dhoni and Sreesanth. A small traffic snag caused some more worries of getting stuck in the middle of overly excited fans. However, fortunately, the road cleared up quickly and Dhoni zoomed ahead of the fellow bikers.

    Dhoni maintained a poker face all throughout the moment, Sreesanth also did the same. Thanks to this, no one got too close to them or tried to stop them. A smiling face would have great but it would have also unintentionally let everyone assume that the duo was okay with people following them.


    Watch the video here:


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