Puneri Paltan


    Puneri Paltan has lifted their game after some disastrous performances in the first two seasons. The team from Pune, though, failed to get their hands on the title, but succeeded in finishing in the top three in their last two tries.

    Puneri Paltan is yet to name their captain for this season, but they have picked BC Ramesh as their coach and Ashok Shinde as their mentor for the biggest season in the history of the tournament so far.

    The main strength for Puneri Paltan will be the dynamic trio of Deepak Hooda, Sandeep Narwal, and D Cheralathan. Each of them features in the Pro Kabaddi League top-five in their respective roles, plus the team has the perfect mix of youth and experienced players.

    The only problem that can haunt the team is their lack of depth when it comes to covering up areas, Puneri Paltan does not have man-to-man replacements for a three-month long tournament and in case something goes wrong for the team, things can become dicey.