• From the very beginning days in the WWE, John Cena was considered to be the Golden Goose for the company. He was always treated as an exceptional talent who had all the tools to carry the brand on his shoulder. Over the years, he proved the fact for time and time again. It is a fact since no one in the history of the WWE can boast about being the franchise player for 15 years and beyond.

    At the bygone No Mercy PPV, he was pitted in a marquee match against Roman Reigns who is now being considered as the new franchise superstar. So, in a match which was a collision between the two prime players in the company, the former one put over the newer one in a marquee match.

    Following the match, the Cenation Leader raised his successor’s hand as to pass the flag-bearer torch to the Samoan Superstar who claims WWE to be his yard, now. Also, it was quite an emotional scene for the 16-time world champion while he was leaving the arena considering that many have thought that it was his last match in the squared circle. He was given a standing ovation by the crowd with the “Thank You Cena” chants.

    From that point onwards, the speculations are quite wild whether John Cena is down with his wrestling career or not. Currently, he is busy shooting the Transformers spin-off series movie: BumbleBee. Going forward, he will be focusing more on his movie career, for sure since he has already transitioned into a role of a part-timer in the WWE.

    Now, Cena was present in the New York City for appearing on the Dancing With the Stars show where his fiancée, Nikki Bella was performing. TMZ Sports caught up with him and asked the inevitable question of his retirement from the WWE.

    In reply, the veteran suggested that WWE is family to him and so he never intends to leave it, ever. He added that this is the place where his heart will always be no matter how big the company would be in the future.

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