• Finn Balor is the first-ever Universal Champion in the history of the WWE. At Summerslam 2016, he competed in a match against Seth Rollins and defeated his opponent to earn the title of the red brand following the brand extension draft. He could not cherish this moment for a bit owing to the shoulder injury suffered during the match.

    The very next night on Raw, he was forced to relinquish the championship in front of the WWE Universe which was a bitter moment. He was out of action for more than six months, since then, before finally returning to action on Raw in the post-Wrestlemania episode. But, it is to be noted that he never received his single rematch for the title, ever nor he demanded the same.

    It is quite disheartening for the Balor Club, worldwide. But, the WWE creative has some reasons behind it which were reported by James Solomon. As per his suggestions, WWE officials did not want him to get beaten in a Universal title match, and hence did not schedule him for the same in the recent past.

    After his return, Samoa Joe was given the push to become the contender for the Universal title who faced the beast at Great Balls of Fire PPV. But, since the beast is set to have a long title run that will extend up to next year’s Wrestlemania, Samoa had to lose. The same consequence might follow Braun Strowman, as well.

    It meant the officials wanted to protect him as one of the top guys in the locker room who should not suffer any loss that harms his character. So, Finn Balor has to wait for a long time before he finally gets a single’s opportunity for the title. It’s also unlikely the Balor vs Lesnar feud would be arranged, sooner, too.

    It’s interesting to note that no Universal Champion had got their rematch for the title, thus far. Apart from Balor, Kevin Owens lost the title to Goldberg and never demanded the rematch before being shifted to Smackdown. Later, Goldberg lost the title to Brock Lesnar which was the retirement for him in the WWE.

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