• During his rivalry against John Cena in No Mercy, Roman Reigns had numerous promo segments with his opponent. All of those promos consisted of real-life heated lined rather than the storyline angles.

    Being a smart talker in the WWE, The Cenation Leader had always received the upper hand during these confrontations. It built the hypes ups for their marquee match at the No Mercy PPV.

    The first promo between them took place the night when John Cena shifted to the Raw brand following Summerslam. At the biggest party of the summer, the 16-time world champion picked up a big win against Baron Corbin. It ended his losing streak at the most significant event of the summer, and he came back on the flagship show with momentums by his side.

    He went straight to call out the man who claims to run the place around Raw, nowadays. The Big Dog, Roman Reigns came out to confront him, and they went back and forth to lash out at each other. It was a complete shoot on each other so that one can reign supreme against the other as the franchise player.

    Roman Reigns came out on live TV with his zipper open on that night. John Cena noticed and pointed towards it on live TV taking a direct shot. It turned out to be quite an embarrassing moment for him considering that the crowd always looks forward to booing him.

    In a recent interview with CBS, In His Corner Podcast, The Undertaker-slayer guy revealed what exactly happened on that night. Check out his comments (courtesy sescoops.com)

    “The funny thing is, my zipper literally broke like two minutes before I was walking out. Usually, I do a last-minute check. The actual zipper handle popped off, and once that happens, you have to go out there in two minutes. It’s not like I’m just wearing trunks or something. I’ve got blousing straps at the bottom, and I would have to take everything off in order to get new pants on.”

    “John being John, if anything presents itself, which I feel is fair game if it’s there to take it, and he did. It was just something that, thank God I was ready for it, but really he shocked me in bringing up. I thought I had it closed up the whole time but apparently not. I was peaking at him, I guess.”

    John Cena has got the better out of Roman Reigns during all of the promo segments that took place in the midst of the rivalry. The Big Dog was supposed to elevate his level with the mic in hand by virtue of these segments and he did, for sure.

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