• For a significant amount of time before the Summerslam PPV, Seth Rollins was involved in a feud with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt went on to stick his nose in Rollins’ business playing mind-games, as Rollins gave him back what the evil force deserved, every week.

    It was supposed to be one of the most organic feuds that we would ever witness on Monday night Raw. It would have marked a fresh feud that has not seen before, and the audience should have invested into it, automatically. Plus, these two were supposed to give us some solid matches in the future.

    They had a match at the Great Balls of Fire PPV which was not supposed to be the end of the rivalry. It was quite evident that WWE would have booked them into a match at the Summerslam PPV too for culminating this feud. But, all of a sudden, we saw the reunion between Ambrose and Rollins, and then they headed to capturing the Raw tag team championship.

    The Kingslayer had recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ wrestling podcast where he clarified the original planning for Summerslam which was definitely against Bray Wyatt. Check out his words, here (courtesy stillrealtous.com)

    “I believe what the plan was for me and Bray Wyatt to go a few pay-per-views and then, whatever happened, happened. Something changed, and they shuffled the deck, and they ended up having to re-position, which actually worked out much better for me in my personal opinion. But yeah, it’s been almost a month or so that I’ve kind of known that we were heading in this direction.”

    It was a pretty unfortunate thing to have the rivalry between Wyatt and Seth Rollins getting called off, abruptly. These twos style was evenly matched up, and we expected to see some great matches. However, Wyatt won the PPV match in July to close the chapter and went on to a program with Finn Balor.

    It is speculated that WWE creative came up with the idea of reuniting Seth Rollins and Ambrose since there was lack of babyface tag teams in the Raw division who could challenge the former champions, Sheamus & Cesaro. Hence, new champions were crowned at Summerslam so that fresh feuds can be built around the tag division in the upcoming days.

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