• As reported earlier, WWE EVP of talent relations, Triple H was present in India, earlier this month. He was here to officially launch the WWE Live event in India in December 2017.

    After a hiatus of nearly two years, WWE will be back in the subcontinent with the Raw roster. Jinder Mahal will also be present during this tour and perform on the house shows.

    Now, for the last few months, WWE is trying hard to grab the market of India. As a result, they have made Jinder Mahal, the WWE champion at the Backlash PPV. It was not a one-off incident considering that Jinder has crossed the 150-day mark with the title in hand. He has been a dominant champion throughout his reign.

    It indicates that how much the company is intending to spread the WWE programming in our country. Triple H also sounded pretty positive about the future of pro-wrestling in the subcontinent. During an interview, The Game stated that WWE “hasn’t presented the right pathways” for those Indians who had a dream of working in the WWE.

    He brought out a fact no dreamer was not aware of what to do even if wanted to be pro-wrestler from the Indian region. Here is his quote from The National,

    “The WWE hasn’t presented the right pathways. If you were an athlete in India and you watch WWE and thought you really wanna do this, the pathway wasn’t clear. How would you become WWE superstar nobody really knew.”

    The 14-time world champion gave a solution to this answer stating that by the end of this year, a process will be finalized to find talents from this country. 11 of those names will be sent to the WWE Performance Center to give tests whether they can make it big in the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world. These are further comments from Triple H:

    “So we are doing some work and, by the end of the year, we will have 11 Indian talents … under training to be the next generation WWE superstar — and it is the most we ever had. And you will see it increase even further over the next few years.”

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