• The way the WWE creative is intending to head towards, it is for sure that the year 2017 will be best known for the breakup between the best of friends in the WWE. We have already seen a couple of tag teams falling apart, until now. With the recent reports coming, two more teams will fall victim to the bookings.

    According to the reports of Cagesideseats.com, WWE intends to separate Heath Slater and Rhyno. They are of no use in the tag team division with the recent ongoing. So, the creative is planning to establish them as two singles competitors like earlier.

    The latest WWE event schedule is a clear indication for the same. They are not performing as a tag team in the WWE Raw house shows for quite sometimes. Instead, they are being utilised as singles superstars for quite a long time, now. It means that they have been planning to apply the same on televised episodes, as well.

    These two odd superstars were formed into a tag team once the brand extension took place in 2016. They started performing garnering a huge reaction from the crowd which earned them the first-ever Smackdown tag team championship. With this, they have created history at the Backlash PPV, last year.

    But, that hype was over once they lost the tag titles during the end of 2016. Once they have moved to Monday Night Raw, they have been on television, rarely. Recently, Heath Slater defeated The Miz in a singles contest after which he expressed his desire to compete for the Intercontinental Championship.

    According to the 434.com Facebook page, the team of Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder will also split up soon. The Smackdown creative is not looking forward to utilising them as a tag team for a long time. So, it will take less time before they part ways.

    The source suggested that Zack will soon turn into a heel persona to end their partnership to let Mojo pursue a singles career. The hyped one won the Andre the Giant Battle Memorial Battle Royal to receive singles push and will get it, certainly. With no whatsoever storyline brewing for them on the tag team division, it is certain that the officials will intend to use them in more of singles capacity.

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