• The main event match at Hell in a Cell PPV has probably over-delivered. Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens had torn each other apart in a hellacious match. Being a Falls Count Anywhere match, the contest was taken all around the arena as the two opponents beat the hell out of each other. This turned out to be one of the best matches to take place inside the unforgiving steel structure.

    But, the match left marks to both the opponents, for sure who gave it all. Especially it affected the Smackdown Commissioner considering that he is 47 years old and not a regular performer inside the ring. Plus, he digested some offensive moves on the top of the cell that included a devastating leap off the top of cell structure.

    It is the most daredevil stunt pulled off by Shane McMahon for the second time in his career. But, Sami Zayn betrayed him by dragging Owens from the commentary table causing Shane to feel the devastating effect of the move. This has also caused him the entire match as well after which Owens pinned Shane.

    Following the match, Shane McMahon was taken out of the arena on a stretcher. He was completely unmoved from his position that gave a hint that he might have suffered a big injury. Later, it was reported on WWE.com that he had multiple bruises including broken ribs following that jump.

    Also, a video was posted on WWE’s Youtube channel that suggested that he is doing much safer now. To heel up from the concussions, he might not be able to be present on Smackdown Live for sometimes as he is in the home to recover from the battered state.

    Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Newsletter has also opened up regarding this situation. Being the popular one, the audience is still much concerned about the well-being of the younger McMahon. The source was unable to bring out whether McMahon is hurt, legit or it just works for storyline purpose.

    Alvarez noted that Shane-o-mac might have injured himself while performing the coast-to-coast move at Hell in a Cell. But, he is expected to be out of all the concussions, sooner. So, the commissioner will live to fight another day in future.

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