• Last night’s WWE Raw was an epic one which over-delivered in almost all the segments except for the women’s division matchup. Stephanie McMahon kicked off the show with some fireworks. Whenever she gets the mic in hand, she reaches a whole new, different level.

    The Shield showed up in the segment and needless to say the crowd went nuts. The notable thing here is that Roman Reigns received a big cheer from the crowd. He was also able to cut a decent promo with a challenge laid down to the New Day.

    Later, The Hounds of Justice received a match to take out all the frustrations on The Miz, and they did it to the delight of the crowd. It was the first match of The Shield after three long years on WWE Raw. So, it was a special moment for the fans as well, as to see The trash-talking Miz getting the Powerbomb from them.

    The reactions towards Jason Jordan from the crowd is gradually getting harsh, day by day. The audience of Atlanta was savage, as they showered Kurt Angle’s son with immense boos from the get going. So, Triple H returning to the show was a breath of fresh air for them. You could only imagine what the reaction was after The Game hit the pedigree on Jordan.

    The main event segment was quite interesting between Kane and Braun Strowman. WWE creative intentionally kept the bad blood ongoing between them so that they can go against each other once Survivor Series PPV gets over. It is going to be an interesting rivalry, going forward. Overall, the show could not be much better, this week.

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